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People You Can Kiss On Internet

May 4, 2011 Leave a comment

Hello Readers,

Now the technology has reached the level where you can send kiss over internet to your loved once . So now you don’t have to wait for the loved once to com and meet you for your precious kiss unless you have some other option at home hehehe .

So from this technology you can simulate French Kiss to a gr8 extent,actually i haven’t tried it but i would love to give a try .. 😀  So i am waiting for it to come it to the market hehehe . Thats y i love technology .

There is a hardware required from both the side to do the kissing simulation over the internet .

Let me know your feedbacks if any 😀

Flat, Shiny Keyboard Is Actually a Touch screen

April 28, 2011 Leave a comment

If you like typing on a touch screen, you’re going to love this thin Minebea Cool Leaf Keyboard.
Touch screen keybord

Strangely enough, even though the keyboard itself is one large touch screen, it doesn’t bring any of the versatility could offer. For instance, imagine substituting a video window for the number pad, or designing your own keyboard layouts for specific tasks, or even displaying tool palettes for Photoshop. Let’s hope Minebea explores that kind of versatility with this keyboard that already possesses multitouch capability.
If you’re touch typist, the inability to feel the keys might be a dealbreaker, but if you’re a germ freak, this flat and shiny keyboard will be a whole lot easier to keep clean. It must be a fingerprint magnet, as evidenced by its shiny nature and included cleaning cloth.
Touch Screen Keybord
To be released first in Japan on May 13, it’s a USB keyboard with 108 keys that only works with Windows thus far. Minebea reps say a Mac version will be available soon, and the Japanese version will be rolling out first, followed by those that contain the correct character set and key layout for English, German, French and Italian.
When you turn the keyboard off, its surface is reflective enough to be used as a mirror, perfect for looking yourself in the face and asking yourself this question: Why did I just spend $245 on this keyboard?
Check the video out.


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